A Reading List for Curious Souls

Photo by  2Photo Pots  on  Unsplash

Photo by 2Photo Pots on Unsplash

Looking for a good read (or listen) about healing, energy, or intuition? Here’s a short list of resources that I commonly recommend to clients of my reiki energy healing practice.

Practical Intuition by Laura Day

If you like psychic readings and want to learn how to develop your own intuition further so that you can “read” for yourself, this is a super fun book. Day has you start by listing out three questions that you would like to have answered for yourself. She then walks you through a series of visualization exercises to help you get answers.

Getting Answers by Aimee Cartier

Another excellent, easy-to-read how-to for developing your own intuition. Aimee is a gifted psychic based in the Seattle area who has outlined her tried and true methods of seeking and finding intuitive guidance on just about any life question.

The Empath Experience by Sydney Campos

If you’re into energy work, you’re probably an empath. The two just seem to go hand in hand. This book will help you to feel validated in your experiences of extreme empathy, and provide tools for helping to manage it. (Another great tool? Energy healing! Just saying.)

Aimee Cartier’s Flourish Blog

In addition to her book listed above, I highly recommend Aimee’s blog. She offers a lot of free information about empathic abilities and intuition from her years working as a psychic and from mentoring other empaths and intuitives. She also offers courses on managing your empathic ability and coaching on using your intuitive gifts.

Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan

If you’re already working as an energy healing practitioner or you’re interested in understanding more about it, this is a super in-depth resource. I regularly use it as a handbook for my practice.

The Voluptuous Witch AKA Heather Emily Price

If you’re into astrology, check out Ms. Price’s work. She offers a lot of content and courses that aren’t just about reading your horoscope and seeing what happens. They’re about harnessing the energy of the current moment to explore your inner self and outer goals. Cool stuff.

Ghost of a Podcast by Jessica Lanyadoo

If you’re more in the market for listening than reading, I highly recommend Ghost of a Podcast. Lanyadoo is a medium, psychic, and astrologer. The episodes are only about half an hour. Each one starts with her answering a question from a listener and then goes into the astrology of the week. Her years of counseling people on loss, health, relationships, and work from a spiritual perspective have given Lanyadoo some pretty stellar insights. Listen, learn, feel validated.

The Soul’s Mission Healing Blog

I know, you’re already here! But have you checked out the rest of the posts? I get to work with a lot of beautiful souls every day doing what I do, and my goal is to distill some of the common experiences and lessons down to save you some time and help you through your healing journey, wherever you may be.

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