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You care for your physical body.

You care for your mental health.

What about your energy system?

Learn how reiki energy healing can make a difference.



If you’ve taken a yoga class, the teacher might have talked about prana. In traditional Chinese medicine, it’s called chi (or qi). In Japanese, it’s called ki. It’s your vital life force. It flows in and around everything and everyone.

Because everything is interconnected, anything you do to care for your physical or mental health - like exercise, eating right, socializing or spending time in nature - will also benefit your energy body. However, sometimes a more direct approach is needed. This is where reiki can help!


What is reiki?

Reiki is a touch therapy that promotes stress reduction and relaxation by bringing more life force energy to the receiver.

Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment or anything else you would do to care for your health and well-being. But by bringing more prana/chi/ki into your system, you support your body’s ability to relax and recover, whether from illness, pain or everyday life stresses.

The word “reiki” comes from Japanese. “Rei” can be translated as “Higher Power,” and “ki,” of course, is “life force energy.”

How does it work?

Receiving reiki is pretty simple. You lay down on a massage table, fully clothed. The practitioner lays or hovers her hands over different parts of your body - your head, neck, hands, arms, back, torso, legs and feet - to channel the energy to you. That’s it! Most sessions are 30 to 90 minutes long.

Reiki can also be performed remotely, where the practitioner and receiver are in different locations. In this case, the best results are achieved if the receiver is able to sit or lie in a quiet place undisturbed for the session.

Falling asleep is quite common (during both in-person and remote sessions). Sleeping does not hinder your ability to benefit from the energy. If you’re in need of rest, it might even help.




Reiki for Change and Manifestation

Reiki energy healing can be a powerful tool in helping us to align with our highest good and attract more of what we need or desire. I specialize in working with clients during or immediately following periods of transition and transformation. Whether the change you find yourself in the midst of was consciously chosen or not consciously chosen, we work together to help you gain clarity and align yourself with what you truly need and desire now and moving forward. 

Reiki Transformation Packages can help you to set and achieve goals. These sessions help support and guide you through transitions such as recovering from a stressful situation, overcoming grief and loss, making a career change, seeking a relationship, seeking a change in your relationships, and more.

Sessions can take place in person if you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, or remotely over the phone.

To learn more about Reiki Transformation Packages, click here.

Reiki for Athletes

Competitive athletes know the benefits of mental focus and clarity for their physical performance. Many engage in practices like meditation to help them concentrate during games and competitions, and to manage pain from injuries or strains.

Reiki can be an even more powerful tool for athletes, improving their mental focus, assisting them in recovery, and giving them an energetic boost that can be beneficial to their strength, speed and awareness.

A great read is this article about former NFL fullback Charles Way’s experience of the healing benefits reiki had to a career-ending knee injury. His was a pretty extraordinary result, to be sure. But Way’s story is a testament to the power of life force energy coupled with the intention to heal and move forward.

You can visit my testimonial page to find testimonials from athletes I've worked with who share how reiki has benefited their workout regimes. I encourage athletes of all levels to contact me if they are interested in finding out how reiki can assist them with their training, performance, and/or injury recovery.