On Healing as a Step, Not a Replacement

Photo by  Beata Ratuszniak  on  Unsplash

I believe changing our inner worlds has the power to affect our outer circumstances.

My practice of reiki energy healing, as well as my own meditation and spiritual practices, are based largely on this belief. As above, so below. As within, so without. I have seen, time and time again, moments when I or a client engaged in an inner practice that appeared to bring about a rapid change on the outside that seemed to happen almost as if on its own. A long-awaited phone call. A job offer you didn't seek. An estranged person who reappears.

But I also know this: That's not always how it happens. In fact, that's not even how it usually happens, is it? 

President Trump didn't recently reverse his executive order causing family separations at the U.S. border simply because we prayed about it. He did it because we organized, called, and donated. Many prayed at the same time, creating an energetic movement and a collective vision of the targeted outcome we wanted to see - but that alone was not going to stop the powerful forces at work that were and are hurting children and families. It was the outer action steps toward that envisioned outcome that brought it about. (As I write this, I also know that this battle and movement are far from over. The reversal of the order was one tiny step, but there is much more to be done to bring about justice and healing.)

I use this macro-level example to demonstrate something that I seek to achieve with clients on a micro level through energy healing. Inner work can be a step toward a better outcome. In fact, it's usually a very necessary step, but it can't replace action when action is called for.

I recently created a guided self-healing meditation that's based on this premise that inner healing is a step toward more effective outer actions. In this meditation to heal and improve relationships, we take 10 minutes to scan our energy body and remove any energetic ties or remnants that may be holding us back from bringing our best selves to the people around us. 

I've seen people engage in this type of energetic clearing, and experience spontaneous changes in their relationships. You remove a negative cord to your partner, and suddenly, they have an epiphany and feel the need to apologize to you, ending a long-standing argument. You finally separate yourself from the one that got away, and, shortly thereafter, she's knocking at your door wanting to reconcile. I'm not saying that that's what will happen when you do this meditation - but I am saying, it's possible.

However, here's what's also possible, and probably more likely. You free yourself energetically, you strengthen your own energy, and suddenly, you're in a better place to take the right actions. Your relationships begin to improve not just because you prayed or meditated on it, but because you prayed and meditated, and now, you're more easily able to do things differently. You feel compelled to say the things that need to be said. Ask for what you need. Walk away from the relationships that aren't right, because now, you are ready to walk toward the ones that are.

We don't heal ourselves internally in order to replace or avoid action. We do it as a step toward becoming our best selves on every level, so that the actions we need to take become more clear and effective.

When you heal energetically, you're able to bring your best self out into the world more freely, and that benefits everyone. 


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